Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Body, mind & spirit with Butoh

Upcoming Butoh Festivals:
Proposal letter from Rhizome Lee of Quiet House.

"India Rhizoming Tour 2014-2015"

Dear Friends
This is the first proposal letter for
"India Rhizoming Tour 2014-2015"
In this Autumn-Winter, 2014 two Butoh Festivals.
1. 9th International Butoh Festival Himalaya November
16-26 at Subbody School HImalaya, Dharamsala
2. 2nd International Butoh Festival Delhi, around December 3-10 or more.
at Quiet House and Zorba the Buddha, Delhi
After then, we are starting Rhizoming tour all around
India with workshops and collaborations,  performances at various
places with various members.
Rhizoming tour India Facilitators and Organizers
Facilitator: Rhizome Lee, Agu Tara, Ankur Pandy
Organizers (expected): are the following.
3. Assam: organized by Monuj,
Middle of December for one week or two weeks.
4. Manipur: organized by Srujit
End of December or beginning of January for one week or two weeks
5. Auroville: organized by Kaeridwyn January, 2015 for one week or two weeks
6. Pune: organized by Snehal February, 2015 for one week or two weeks
7. Mumbai: organized by Shamaayal or Sai, February, 2015 for one week
or two weeks
During workshops or end of it, we will have performances at a theater,
cafe, nature, or on the street.
Also, collaborations with various Artists, Sculptors,
Instalators, musicians, visual artists and so on, flexibly.
These names of place and organizers are just a proposal by Lee.
If you are able to join in, please inform us soon.
Any unique ideas, experiments, proposals are welcome!
Till now, through these years experiences, we found
proper rules as the following;
1. Each organizer can decide the place, time and the fee
of workshop for participants freely, depend on each
At least organizer pay the trafic fee from previous
place to own place and accomodations to facilitator from the income of
2. About the rest amount of workshop income, organizer takes 40%, and
pay facilitator 60% of it.
Organizer can use the amount for free purpose,
advertising, promotion, support poor participants and so on.
3. For old subbody students, 30% ---50% discount for the participation fee.
Organizer can decide how much percent discount depend of the condition.
This is to activate the Nomad-rhizoming development
among old students and participants.
4. Local participants pay the workshop fee at the first
If some of them want to join in the rhizoming tour to
the next place for workshops and performances, the fee is free. They
have to pay for only transportation and accomodation fee by
This is to activate the total rhizoming process which
connect freely and separate flexibly, and exchange among different
creators in India and the World.
Let's keep contact and slowly fix the detail together.
--Rhizome Lee
- See more at: http://www.quiethouse.in/blog/india-rhizoming-tour-2014-2015#sthash.khvbywXz.uKYGFwsc.dpuf

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